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The good, the bad.....but not the ugly.....

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15 May 1986
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I usually post day-to-day events and personal stories and whatever comes to mind and a not so secret diary. I've had a interesting life (to say the least) and as a person I've evolved and become stronger over time. I'm at a great moment in my life with an amazing three year old boy as well as supportive family members and friends. Total health fanatic and fitness warrior yet I enjoy a cigarette with my morning and afternoon coffee. Complicated and hypocritical much? You bet, but no one's perfect........right?

Unapologetically opinionated....and I wear my heart on my sleeve as I'm very passionate. I'm very open minded, bisexual, love sex and if I'm too racy for you then best to ignore me as I don't hold back.

There may be some adult content which will be flagged but nothing explicit or violent.

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